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Never miss another audition again.

Get one month of free membership by using the discount code "booked" and start finding auditions today!

"I’ve booked three jobs using it. It’s EASILY more accessible than Actors Access and Backstage combined. Everything is in one place, it consistently gets updated and 9.99/10 always has all the info you need in one spot (how much it pays, contact info, submission style, etc…) and it’s so cheap."

Richaun Stewart

Professional Actor

Hundreds of Actors have already made the switch.

A casting solution created by artists for artists.
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Membership grants you free access to an enormous library of Sheet music, Librettos, Scores, and plays. Never spend hours looking for the music you need again.

Get casting notices and Auditions direct from Theatre Companies, Broadway World, Backstage, Actors Access, Playbill, Theatre in Chicago, Minnesota Playlist, Theatre Bay Area, and more all in one place!

Get exclusive access to member benefits and resources, like audition building tools and a comprehensive talent agency database for theatre.

Find new auditions

The "Casting Now" page shows the most up-to-date casting notices of theatre companies on file.
See the season or show each company is auditioning at the top of the audition notice.
Users are met with all the important audition information up front such as  setting, location, date, submission preferences and pay.
Casting notices are updated every day!
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Exclusive Member Benefits

Members of The Casting Connection have access to a database of 50+ gigabytes of sheet music, scores, librettos, and plays.
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Simply fill out a form with the music you need and we'll send it to you at a moments notice.
Members also have access to an audition cut service which provides clean, clear, and professional sheet music cuts catered to your needs.
We want to help you ace your auditions!
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Explore the Database

Get full access to our database of over 600 theatre companies across the United States.
Use the built-in filters to narrow down search results and easily find theatre companies based on your own audition needs. Companies can be filtered by:
  • State
  • City
  • Casting Season
  • Equity Status
  • Submission Setting
     (In-Person or Virtual)
  • Tags
  • Season Show
The Currently Casting button allows you to see which companies are casting right now.
Have a certain show you're interested in doing?
Use the "Season Shows" filter to find which companies are doing specific shows.

Find Casting info fast

Get a report of each company's next audition and all the information we could find on each theatre company including:
  • Location
  • Casting Season
  • Casting Months
  • Season Period
  • Compensation Information
  • Audition Dates
  • Audition Setting
  • Season Shows
  • Equity Status
  • Contact Information
We keep all previous casting information in the system so you can know what to expect the next time a company holds auditions.

Join the casting connection today!

Still have questions? Email and we'll get back to you with answers.
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