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Database Guide

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Database Filters

Filters are the best way to narrow down theatre companies and find casting notices quickly and efficiently.

Theatre companies can be filtered by:
1. Currently Casting
     This option can be checked to show only theatre companies who are casting right now.
2. Direct Search
     Companies can searched by name here.
3. Tags
     These are all the shorthand tags we use to define each theatre company. All of the tag definitions can be found in the tags section of the resources tab.
TIP: One of the best ways to get your materials out there is to submit to a Theatre company's actor database. Select the "DB" tag to see all the companies who keep an active actor database that anyone can submit to at any time of the year.
4. State
     Filter by state of theatre companies.
5. City
     Filter by city of theatre companies.
6. Season shows
     We keep a log of each show that every company is doing in their season. Select a show from the dropdown to see which companies are putting it on.
7. Equity Status
     Filter by Equity, Non-Equity, or Both submission requirements.
8. Casting Season
     We categorize companies into one of four different casting seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, or Rolling. 
  • Spring Casting is casting that occurs between January and April.
  • Summer Casting is casting that occurs between May and August.
  • Fall Casting is casting that occurs between September and December.
  • Rolling Casting is casting that occurs on a show by show basis throughout the year. 
9. Audition Setting
     Filter by In-Person, Virtual, or Both audition methods.
Database filters can be saved by clicking the "Save Filters" button. 
Users can load the filter that they last saved by pressing the "Load Filters" button. 
Resetting the filters can be accomplished by refreshing the page in your internet browser.
11. Notes
     This is where any extra information is noted. This could include registration requirements, alternate audition websites used, actor database information and more.
9. Audition Date
     This shows the date of each company's audition or deadlines for virtual submissions.
10. Audition How
     This shows the manner in which auditions are being held - either In-Person and/or Virtually.
12. Season Shows
     This is where all season shows are listed.
13. Equity Status
     Indicates the equity status of each company.
14. Company Contact
     The main contact for each company where artists can submit material or ask questions.
To view all information about the current or most recent audition notice, users can click the "Visit Page" button to be directed to the audition notice.
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6. Season Period
     The time that each company begins and ends their performance season.
7. Tags
     The tags that are associated with each company. 
8. Compensation Information
     The rate at which each company pays their actors. Unless otherwise indicated: these rates are the minimum equity compensation rate. These rates are always subject to change, and some rates are not public record (this is reflected in each company's page).

Company Details

This is the full detail page for each company. All the pertinent information for the company and its most recent/current audition information are found here.
The detail page shows the following information:
1. Currently Casting
     This is the grey check box in the top left corner. If checked, this company is currently casting.
2. Company Title
     Users can click on the title to be brought to the company's home website page.
3. Company Location
     The city and state of residence of the company.
4. Casting Season
     The season this company casts in.
5. Audition Month/s
     The month that each company casts / is likely to cast in.
Note: All previous audition information is kept in the database so users can know what to expect the next time auditions are posted. When in doubt check the "Currently Casting" marker to know if auditions are currently happening.
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